Welcome to the Sevenhampton Foresters Field Archery

We are a field archery club that welcomes all styles of bow, from the traditional longbow to recurve, American flat bow through to the modern compounds.

Located in the beautiful oak woodland within the grounds of  Roves Farm,.  The site is operated by Black Cat Archery  and the targets are sponsored and maintained by Black Cat Archery. It is a limited company who welcomes visiting archers experienced and new comers to the sport.

The Forester's  shoot on their club day on Sunday from 10am.  Club day shooting allows our members to shoot as long as they like.  Non club days and as long as Black Cat Archery is open for business, the members can shoot on Saturdays and Wednesday Evenings (From spring through to autumn).

We are one of a number of clubs running on the Black Cat Site.  These clubs offer Longbow Archery (Companions of the Longbow), U4E clubs Archery and Air pistols shooting, Knight School namely the College of Chivalry and the Air rifle club, Black Cat Rifles.

Our field shoot is in contains  3D targets, which are arranged as a course to follow. We also have a small in-door range perfect for warming up before heading on out to unleash the hunting instinct.

If your a complete novice who has never held a bow, or an experienced archer you are all most welcome.

So if you would like to come and join in the fun please contact us first.  

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